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              Special Photography Package for Valentine's Day

I am really happy because I am one of those; between millions; that has one “time machine” that let us to travel in the past, just stealing moments from the present by clicking a single button. It is my photography camera of course, which has changed my whole life since 2005 when I decided to press and press this button as many times as I can.

This “time machine”, always surprise me, because I never understand how this happen or how this machine works, it is not only understanding the physical process, but also, going beyond and understanding how feelings and emotions are changed with the images it produces. To make it easy, I just enjoy producing photographs and looking up them.

Valentine’s day is just right at the corner and I will love to use my “time machine” to save forever some of your memories. Your love one, will be also happy with a box of chocolates or a docent of flowers, but not as happy as she/he will be as looking those memories years from now, which I believe, chocolates and flowers will be gone by then.

This is the special package that I created in order to use my “time machine” and to produce your memories that you will cheer with your love one for a live time. I will personally shoot the session, edit the photographs (color corrections, adjusting lighting, artistic cropping and creating some sepia & black and white images), post them for proofing online, creating some pieces of fine art for your final selection, ordering the prints in a professional photo-lab and being sure for shipping them on time for your love one.

One-hour photography session, in studio or location, with 5 prints 5x7 for only $245. Additional prints are available for $17 by 5x7 or $35 by 8x10. Digital images that you can uploaded in your facebook or use in your blog are also available for $25 each. We also offer larger sizes and canvas prints. Ask me for details.

                    Feel free to contact us for booking your photo session. 

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