Carlos Aristizábal
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  Carlos Aristizabal came into my life at the right time and for the right reasons.  When my company was ready to burst wide open, I needed someone to fully support that effort.  Carlos looked at me and said "I will dedicate every minute to make sure all 12 DVDs get out in under 5 months"  We went at it and the rest is history. 

Carlos assembled a team of professionals that showed up to film and direct everyday sometimes on  5 minutes notice.  Not only did Carlos and his camera man; Bladimir Parra; show up but they showed up with a unique blend of professionalism, comedy, humor, and craziness. 

Carlos has become my friend and I'm honored to have him as part of the IHP family; together we will do great things!

Juan Carlos Santana
Director-CEO Institute of Human Performance
2007 National Fitness Hall of Fame Candidate


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